Meetings and Treatment

One of the toughest parts about addiction is finding a place for treatment. Addiction is a disease that’s tough to treat and prone to remission.

One factor a surprising number of people overlook is your own doctor. I haven't talked to a doctor yet that doesn't view addiction as a treatable medical problem.

If you’re a doctor interested in treating addicts and alcoholics, please get in touch with me via e-mail. I'd like to put together a confidential list for referrals.

Plans are underway to start a local Nar-Anon group for families and friends of addicts. We'll post more info as soon as we have it.

We'll be posting links that people can go to for information and maybe help.

If you have a link you’d like me to post, send it to


Rochester AIS
Meeting infor for all 7 days updated regularly


NA World Headquarters
Narcotics Anonymous with links to local chapters

St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center
Specializing in addiction rehab

Al-Anon • Ala-teen
for families and friends of alcoholics

Families Anonymous
Started for parents of children with alcohol or drug abuse and behavioral issues