Forget that uppity stuff on the forum... THIS is what the internet was really made for.

Here are some links that I find amusing. Maybe you will too. If not, you got no taste, what can I say?
some cross-cultural challenges, I guess. sure to be a minion favorite
need to buy me a present? go here
doc bwana’s house of shrunken heads! lol!
some people have waaay to much time on their hands
for the intelligentsia in all of us! lol!
the original urban legends pages... now you can find out if I’ve been lying to you all this time or not
more urban legends. amuse your next date. or maybe make them realize why they’re better off single
a compendium of strangeness
seen any of your co-workers lately? hmm... didn’t think so
boy am I glad this guy hasn’t shown up on the forum yet
you should know by now I like to argue...
jeff’s personal recommendation
now here’s a major timewaster

weirdness for the masses
thousands of links to the strange, bizzare, weird stuff you know you like. Yes you do too! Liar!
find out if you're really an alien mutant. of course, I could have told you anyway

aluminum foil deflector beanie
make it yourself. maybe john ashcroft should try it
now why can’t I have a life’s passion like this one?
probably a little too humorous for some people
With Tom Tomorrow! republicans hate him
everyone loves zippy the pinhead!
be sure to see 'safety posters from india' LOL!