How men screw up romance and other famous follies on film

One of the benefits of being a world-famous ad guy is that all your world-famous ad guy buddies send you ads.

How Men Screw Up Romance by the ad guys down under.

Don’t play it when your girlfriend or wife is around. Just some friendly advice.

What Old People Do For Fun. Rather droll, I must say.

The Good Samaritan. Gee, thanks a lot.

Kid's Toys. Yes. Um, well.

Why you should be careful on farms.

Nothing like a well-trained dog.

Just kidding, girls... you know I love you.

More reasons not to use cellphones.

Musta been quite a happy hour.


Fun with doggies!

Working at home might have its drawbacks...

Don't even THINK about touching my bone...

Nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven.

What are friends for?

Girl scout cookies.

So THAT'S what the timer's for...

Bet you didn't know how to do this.

Who's your daddy?

What Scotsmen wear under their kilts.

Menopausal women. Look, I didn't film this.

This is scientifically unexplainable. Be prepared.

Boo-yah! Ha ha haaaaa!

Never scare a brother.

Close overhead door with firm pressure.

Merry Christmas!

More chauvinistic stuff that women'll prolly hate.

The kind of people I work with...

Topless Car Wash!!!

Poor Mr. Happy!


Icefishing on Canandaigua Lake

Wrong gift again!!! Some guys never learn...

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